18 September 2008

Armed Police

Armed Police close
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I went to my local Tesco store last night around 9pm last night and as I walked in I noticed a Police BMW X5. Nothing unusual about that as it was parked in the car park along with the other cars.

A few minutes later whilst browsing around the store, I noticed two policemen. The aisle was a bit narrow due to someones trolley so I let the first policeman past and as I did so I noticed the 2nd one was armed. He had a pistol strapped to his leg. I turned around for another look at the first officer and noticed he had the same. They were both wearing blue combats, blue short-sleeved shirts and very thick body armour.

It's not unusual to see armed police nowadays, especially at places like airports and every force has Armed Response Vehicles (ARVs) but it is unusual to see two policemen carrying guns walking around Tesco doing their shopping. I don't see it as a bad thing either. It probably deterred and potential shoplifters!!

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