9 September 2008

High Hopes for Learner Driver

Honda Civic Type-R
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My wife has a provisional license. She's held it for the last 8 years. She has tried to learn a couple of times since she got her license but both times she gave up before getting too far.

She recently told me that she wants to learn to drive again. My initial reaction was surprise as she's been adamant that she never wanted to drive and had given up. We spoke a bit about driving and the subject of what car she might like to drive if she passes her test. To my surprise she said, "I like the Civic Type R". I was quite taken aback by her choice of car but she then said she wouldn't mind a Leon Cupra R either. Most people that know their cars will know that these are both quite powerful hot hatches that most first time drivers couldn't afford to buy, let alone insure.

Seat Leon Cupra R
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I'm quite pleased that she has something to aim at because one day she will be able to own and insure one of these cars. In the meantime, I thought I'd phone my insurance company to see how much it would be to put her on my policy as a learner. They checked the computer and came back saying that because my car was modified, she'd have to had held a full license for at least 1 year. A bit of me was disappointed and a bit of me was pleased as I was unsure how a learner would cope with my 290bhp Saab!

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