8 September 2008

My Brother's New Car

After owning Saabs for the last 7 years it looks as though I've finally persuaded someone to buy a Saab.

My brother has been looking for a new family car and while looking at everything on the market noticed how much Saab you can get for so little money. With the economy disliking bigger petrol cars there seems to be an abundance of them for sale at the moment at knock down prices.

The car he bought was a 1999 Saab 9-3 SE 2.0 Light Pressure Turbo automatic. It's 154bhp and no slouch of a car with a 0-60 of just under 10 seconds a top speed of 131mph.

The car would have cost about £23,000 new and my brother picked it up for £1,500 with 72,000 miles on the clock. The car has a full service history (shouldn't buy a Saab without) and seems a very good car indeed.

My brother wants to change the wheels when he can afford to as they make the car look a little bland but my suggestion is that he upgrades the performance. You can buy an ECU upgrade for his car that takes the horsepower from 154bhp to 227bhp and the torque from 160lbft to 255lbft. The increase is staggering and Saabs have got a good history for their tuning ability. The lower performance Saabs like my brother's car are very good to be tuned as they tend to share the same hardware of the higher output models.

Whatever he decides to do though, he has made a good choice and I hope he has been bitten by the Saab bug. Next purchase I guess will have to wait until he becomes a member of the Saab Owners Club (hint, hint).

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Adam Field said...

As soon as I buy all my furniture for a new house, then i'll join SOC :) Unless someone else wants to pay (hint, hint) ;)