2 September 2008

Oil Change

I'd been talking with my wife the other week on a long journey down to Plymouth that my car was due for an oil change soon and I should do it the weekend after we got back. I can't remember who suggested it but my wife agreed that she'd like to do it. Slightly shocked, I agreed as she had done it once before (although about 9 years ago).

The weekend came and I popped down to the local Saab garage for an oil filter and drain plug washer (I already had the oil as my brother had given me a gallon of fully synthetic).

When I returned my wife had already donned my mechanics overalls and was ready with the latex gloves - she didn't want to ruin her nails!

She'd completely forgotten what to do and in what order but wasn't worried about getting stuck in. I talked her through the procedure and the only things she had trouble with were loosening off the drain plug and the oil filter. From start to finish it took her 45 mins and to prove to my friends and hers that she really did do it I took a few photos. She's now interested in doing a basic mechanics course!

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