7 September 2008

Wii Fit


I had my first encounter with Nintendo's Wii Fit yesterday. I was round my friends house for his birthday party and after a Mario Kart tournament it was suggested that I have a go on Wii Fit as I was one of the only people that didn't have it. After a bit of persuading I decided to give in and have go. As a bit of a fat git I was reluctant to get on the Wii Fit board as I thought it might shout out, "one at a time please". I closed my eyes as I stood on the board and there were no warnings to be heard. After entering a few details about my age, height etc the board measured my weight and went off the scale to show me my excessive BMI (Body Mass Index). The software then decides which balance routine it wants you to undertake to work out your fitness age. My friends all thought my age would be in the high 40's (I'm actually 29). My fitness age came out at an impressive 26. All of my friends couldn't believe it and thought the software must have made a mistake. However, they did comment that I completed the balance test quicker than everyone else.

Pleased with the results, I proceeded to take on some of the balance exercises. My times were a bit poor at first but after a few goes my times very quite acceptable. One of the challenges I found quite funny was Hoola Hoops. It's quite strange hoola hooping without a hoola hoop. This was even funnier when one of my friends had a go on it after me. See the video to see what I mean.

I suppose I'd have to conclude that the Wii Fit is a very well put together fitness package that can help most people to get fitter but for most people that aren't their ideal weight, this has to be combined with diet to achieve a decent result. My other observation is that people are buying this package with the Wii exclusively for the Wii Fit. £240 for a fitness trainer may not seem much for some people who might buy some fitness equipment or a subscription to a gym but for me I'd rather save the money and do it the old fashioned way.

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