20 October 2008

Purple Rain

Ruth Lorenzo - Purple Rain

I've never been a fan of Prince, but in particular I've never liked his song, Purple Rain. Watching X Factor on Saturday night changed my view. The showdown between the two acts with the least number of votes was between Ruth Lorenzo and Girlband. I quite like both acts but was blown away when Ruth performed Purple Rain.

When she started singing, the song was nothing special and my instant reaction was that it wouldn't be any good. How wrong was I. The power in her voice and the passionate vocal style made my jaw drop in utter amazement and the hairs stood up on the back of my neck. Her performance showed that she was worthy of staying in the competition. The judges were impressed but Simon Cowell chose to leave the voting up the public's original choice. The public had given Ruth enough votes to stay in the competition for another week at least.

I'm now ready to accept songs I didn't like in the past, it just depends how they're sung and by whom.

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