11 November 2008

Real Coffee

I'm not the biggest fan of coffee in the world. I usually drink it with lots of milk which any coffee aficionado would tell you is sacrilege. However, I acquired some coffee beans, yes, beans and decided to give proper coffee a go.

From time to time I've been known to make filter coffee in a cafetiere but not for many years now. At work, the only time I have filter coffee is when I go to meetings but I only drink it because it's there.

I borrowed a coffee grinder from a colleague at work and started experimenting. I was surprised at how wonderful the coffee beans smell. I was only expecting the full coffee aroma once you grind the beans, not before!

Normally when you buy a packet of coffee it tells you the strength and how many spoons of coffee per cup. Well with the beans I've got it doesn't. They are Kenco Espresso Roast, 100% Arabica Beans. I found that if you put enough beans in to cover the blades of the grinder then that makes enough for a reasonable strength cup in a large cafetiere. The coffee is surprisingly nice and not as bitter as the stuff I normally get in places like Costa etc. I've noticed that there is a lot of floating residue in the cup but having just read an article on the internet about grinding, it suggests you need a coarser ground coffee for cafetieres. Just about to try a coffee percolator next though which has a much finer filter so the finely ground beans should be fine.

If anyone has any tips for making and enjoying coffee that I should know about, feel free to share them!

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Adam Field said...

You're welcome to try it in my espresso machine