2 March 2009

Detox Conclusion

After 4 weeks of cutting out many bad things from my diet, I have come to the conclusion that I miss coffee and cola quite a lot.

The first day was the hardest. Not having prepared myself fully for the withdrawal of certain substances, there were a lack of adequate substitutes in the house. As time went on the lack of coffee and coke got easier but I did notice however, that I was getting tired earlier in the evening.

Chocolate was easier to give up than I thought but I did replace it with other sweet things, like cake.

Having looked back on my original list though, I noticed that tea was on my list of things that I'd decided to give up. I'd totally forgotten about this and over the course of the four-week detox, I had about ten cups of tea.

So in summary, I can do it if I want to but I really do miss coffee and coke and not just for the taste!

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