24 July 2009

Mobile Broadband - Part II

After having no ADSL broadband at home for the last 23 days, I've been using mobile broadband. My ISP, Orange, are quite slow at fixing things and I seem to have the same problem every 6 months. This is now the third such problem. The first time, they fixed it in 7 days. The second time took a bit longer at 10 days and this time, well, it's taking much longer.

You may remember I wrote an article last September about my first impressions of this relativley new mobile broadband technology and was quite impressed.

In May I stumbled across a Three mobile dongle for the special price of £4.95 and thought I would get one for emergencies, holidays etc. However, I didn't expect I'd need it so soon.

The upside of having the dongle is the speed is on a par with my home broadband connection. The downside however for occasional use like this, is that you don't know how much to top it up by. On Three they offer different levels of top-ups. The more you spend the more bandwidth you get. For £10 you get 1GB. For £15 you get 3GB and for £25 you get 7GB. Because I thought the connection would only be down for 7-10 days, I bought a £10 top-up. With Orange not fixing the problem within this time, the 1GB data allowance proved not enough.

Whilst reading some of the Nokia related news feeds I subscribe to, I read an article on nokiAAddict.com about a piece of software called JoikuSpot. JoikuSpot is piece of software for Nokia Smart phones (I have the E71) that allows you to use your phone as a wireless hotspot. As I have a 500MB data allowance on my Orange mobile phone tariff I thought I might as well use some of this data, as I never seem to use all of it every month. As my phone supports HSDPA at 3.6Mbps the same as the dongle, I thought the performance should be about the same.

Below are two speed tests. One from the dongle and one from the phone. Although the dongle is faster in the test, for web browsing the phone was fast enough and allowed for multiple machines to be connected to it easier due to the fact it shows as a wireless access point and there is no connection sharing necessary. The only downsides with the phone is that with the free version of JoikuSpot, you cannot secure the connection. Also, once you've used the 500MB you get with Orange for £5 per month, extra data is charged at £0.98/MB.

3 Mobile Broadband Dongle

Nokia E71 on Orange


VENKAT said...

Mobile Broadband interesting great post i am broadband user..In the article i found the speed test .net site like the same site i using for test my uploading & downloading speed the site named as ip-details.com

Anonymous said...

All the Orange Mobile network just crached in France. I hope you never have the same problem.