25 September 2009

Facts on Saab Cars Registered in the UK

Using anony-mised DLVA data, GMAP Consulting have compiled detailed statistics on almost 250,000 Saabs currently registered in the UK.

Almost two-thirds of the 247,200 Saab cars registered in the UK belong to men, demonstrating a clear masculine bias. A further 13.19% are company car-owned and 17.82% are owned by women.

Saab vehicles account for 0.658% of the UK car parc and is ranked as the 25th most favoured brand by UK customers.The 9-3 is the most likely Saab to be seen on the roads, accounting for 58.05% of the marque’s registered cars. This is followed with Saab 9-5 with 20.95% and Saab 900 with 14.10%. All UK Saabs are classified as medium family cars (72.38%) or large family cars (26.98%). Yet only 28.03% have automatic transmission.

Birmingham leads the way as prime Saab territory with 5.2% of the vehicle parc: 12,791 cars have been registered there. Other hotspots, in order of share, are Reading, Leicester, Glasgow, Bristol, Guildford, Chester, Edinburgh, Nottingham and Sheffield. Together, they contain 20.54% of all UK Saabs.

More than a third are younger than four years old, including 13.83% under two years; 27.4% are more than 10 years old.Private plates are not regular fodder for Saab owners with just over a fifth (22.95%) choosing them to appear on vehicles.

The top two favoured colours are black (23.47%) and blue (22.88%) which together makes up 46.35% of all UK Saabs. Silver/aluminium (21.91%) and grey (13.41%) follow close behind.

At the other end of the scale, there are 12 pink and one multi-coloured Saab.

Original Source: SAAB Owners Club GB

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