2 March 2010

Top 10 Dunking Biscuits

What's The Best Biscuit for Dunking?

During February me and my colleagues challenged ourselves to find the best dunking biscuits. Here's the results:


Chocolate Hob Nob (25 Sec's)hob nob : hob nob
2Caramel Digestive (20 Sec's)caramel : caramel
3Hob Nob (20 Sec's)Hobnobs : Standard
4Oreo Cookie (17 Sec's)oreo : oreo
5Plain Chocolate Digestive (17 Sec's)digestive : digestive
6Jammie Dodger (13 Sec's)dodger : dodger
7The Ginger Nut (12 Sec's)ginger : ginger
8Chocolate Chip Cookie (9 Sec's)cookie : cookie
9Chocolate Bourbon (7 Sec's)Bourbon : Bourbon
10Custard Cream (6 Sec's)Custard : Custard
Other Biscuits Tested

Malted Milk (3 sec's)  Rich Tea (4 Sec's)  Shortcake (6 Sec's)

Special Mention Biscuits (Biscuits that are not typical dunking biscuits)

The Shortbread Finger (1 min 40 Sec's)  Jaffa Cake (4 Sec's) The Pink Wafer (1 Min)

malted : maltedrich tea : rich teashort : shortShortbread : Fingerjaffa : cakepink : wafer


Anonymous said...

I beg to differ: none of the above possess the necessary design and shape to ensure effective dunking. It is only on the continent, and in particular, France, that it is possible to purchase elongated oval cereal biscuits designed for this purpose. The French have a history of croissant dunking in coffee and the English examples cited run a very poor second.

seasonjunkie said...

You inspired me to make my own list. The research was extremely difficult...