20 April 2010

My New Bike

I've not posted anything on here for a while because I've been busy with my new toy.

At the beginning of March I ordered an new bike through my employer's cycle to work scheme. I've got myself a Specialized P1 All Mountain.

I've not ridden a bike since I was 17. As a non-cyclist I found it hard to ride any distance at first. I’m now riding up to 15 miles in a day and a minimum of 50 miles a week. I’ve also lost over a stone in weight. Without the Cycle to Work Scheme I doubt I would of got the kick up the arse I needed.

I have big plans for cycling but at the moment I'm taking it one step at a time.

Below are details of my mileage so far.

Commuting 92.40 miles
Recretational 81.25 miles
Total 173.65 miles

Average Speed 7.35 mph

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