17 June 2010

London to Brighton bike ride preparation

As some of you will know, I'm taking part in the London to Brighton Bike Ride on Sunday 20th June, one year earlier than planned.

As I only found out I was taking part last Friday, I haven't got long to plan for it. OK, it's not a completely daunting task but it is my longest ride yet, by far. I want to make sure I'm prepared. I have a fuelling strategy from my triathlete colleague and now have SPDs and slicks to help me.

Although my bike is running well in most gears, I'm not totally happy with doing the ride with it not being perfect. After phoning several local bike shops I found one that can look at the bike before the weekend. Result.

My day will start at 4.30am with the ride starting at 8am. I have compiled a list of things to take on the day. Any feedback welcome.

London to Brighton Checklist

Heart rate monitor
Heart rate strap
Starting Pack
Puncture repair patches (in pump)
Tyre levers
Sun cream
Hand wipes
Drinks bottle x 2
Hydration bladder (filled)
Energy sweets
Energy gels x 3
Energy bars x 4
Energy drinks x 4
Recovery drink x 1
Sun glasses
Waterproof jacket
High-viz jacket
Saddle Pack
SPD Shoes
Spare socks
Emergency charger
Car charger (to charge the phone on the way)
AA Batteries

For those of you interested in the route, I've plotted it on RideWithGPS.com

If anyone wants to track my progress on the day they can courtesy of Google Latitude.

Just a final note about sponsorship. The ride is in aid of the British Heart Foundation. A charity devoted to the biggest killer in the UK - heart disease. My dad died from heart disease at the age of 55 so this ride is important to me. Please dig deep and sponsor me if you can at http://bit.ly/bD5eUb

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