29 July 2010

The London to Hastings is only a month away

The first London to Hastings bike ride in aid of the British Heart Foundation is only a month away.

I got the bug for events like these after completing the London to Brighton on 20th June. Three days later I signed up for the London to Hastings.

This event is slightly longer than the London to Brighton - 61 miles vs 54 miles. There is also 50% more hills. I'm already a faster and stronger rider than I was back in June and can't wait for the event.

The ride starts at Crystal Palace at 8am (although you can start later) and goes through Knockholt, Tunbridge Wells and Wadhurst finishing at Grosvenor Gardens in Hastings.

Just like the London to Brighton, this ride is supporting the British Heart Foundation. I'd encourage everyone to put their hands in their pocket and donate something to this great cause and show your support for me doing this ride. This will be my longest ride so far. Even if you can only spare a couple of quid, it will make a big difference. This charity means a lot to me.


Radderz said...

Hee, it didn't quite turn out that way.. It ended up being 70 miles due to a last minute route change to avoid some road works. Plus the hills where crazerly tough.

Saabfan, did you take part in the end?

I've had a lot of talk about the London to Hastings route on my blog; It's a good read to see everyone's views of this event.

Toby Field said...

Yes I did take part and I was the second to comment on your blog :-)